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Services we provide

"Services we provide

Candidate Assessment

Evaluate quality of fit between an applicant and the requirements of the position and the culture of the organization.

Evaluate readiness for promotion into supervisory or management positions or for moving into roles of increasing complexity.

Determine career pathway options and alignment of individuals’ skills and interests with specific positions.

Individual Management Training and Coaching

Provide strategic and tactical assistance in areas such as leadership, communications, motivation, performance management, goal setting and conflict resolution.

Provide basic supervisory training.

Engagement Surveys

Assess employee attitudes, engagement and identification with organization goals and objectives.

Identify vulnerabilities to turnover and causes of employee dissatisfaction.

Group Training Programs

Management skills enhancement training workshops, team building, leadership and effective communications.


Candidate Assessment

Assessment process includes objective testing in areas such as general intelligence, quantitative and verbal skills. Use of profile and projective instruments to assess personality.

Conduct in-depth interview, either in person where logistically feasible, or by phone or electronic media.

Main deliverable is a summary report indicating the applicant’s main strengths and developmental needs  and a bottom line indication as to whether hiring is recommended.

Management and Interpersonal Skills Training and Coaching Programs

Ascertain specific topics and gaps and design curriculum to address the identified need areas on a customized basis.

Identify what will be taken as evidence of progress so that the effectiveness of the specific training programs can be determined. 

Team Building

Facilitate the setting of mutually agreed-upon ground rules, an atmosphere of respect, accommodation, trust and accountability.

Assist in the creation of an environment of unified goals, and collaborative efforts to achieve those goals.

Engagement Surveys

Custom design questionnaires to assess employee opinions, mindsets, and attitudes which impact on loyalty, engagement and length of tenure.

Built into the survey design is a requirement that employees provide specific input regarding why they are saying what they are saying and what they will take as evidence of improvement in the future.

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